Welcome Message

Dr S Raja Sabapathy
Organizing Chairman
Ganga Hand Operative Course – 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Ganga Hand Operative Course has been very popular with the Surgeons and Trainees for the past few decades. This year we had planned it from 10th to 12th July, 2020 with Dr. Jeff Ecker from Perth and Dr. Bauback Safa from San Francisco as Guest Faculty.

Unfortunately due to the COVID – 19 Pandemic the Guest Faculty are unable to travel and we are also aware that delegates also cannot make it to Coimbatore. But we are keen that we re-adjust ourselves to the new norms as fast as possible. After considerable thought we have decided to go ahead with our 2020 Edition of the Ganga Hand Operative Course – of course with some modifications.

We will have it on the 11th and 12th July, 2020 instead of 3 days. By considerable adjustment in the operating hours we are sure that we will be able to demonstrate the selected surgeries as in the previous years. Constraints also opens up opportunities. In the present system of Virtual Ganga Hand Operative Course, we will be able to reach out to the world.

The Hand Operative Course will have the same format of the previous years. The operating surgeon will briefly introduce the patient and explains why we do and what we do and it will be followed by surgery which will be relayed live. We will have a Senior Surgeon from Ganga Hospital as the Moderator who will convey the questions of the delegates to the surgeon and the Operating Surgeon will be answering the questions directly to the audience.

In addition, the delegates will pay a much reduced registration fee. Each registered delegate will get a Username and Password before the Workshop. He/She will be enabled to login and watch it live. In case you are not able to be around all the time you can pause and get back and log in and watch it from the point where you left. At any point of time you will be able to watch two surgeries (of course audio connected to one surgeon only). To make the most of the time, we will be having four operating rooms wired up for the event so that there need not be any lag period between the surgeries.

Please do join us. The faculty of Ganga Hospital are very keen to share their knowledge and experience built over the years. We sincerely hope that we will be able to have the pleasure of having you in person and also Jeff and Bauback next year at Ganga Hospital auditorium.

Dr S Raja Sabapathy